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Hi Everyone, Floatsation is working with two National charities in supporting the rollout of Floatsation Swim Aids. Below we have put together some criteria to give you guidance on how this funding could support you. Please check to ensure you meet these criteria before emailing us. One of our charities at present only supports applications for individual young people under 18 the other supports individuals, clubs, and organisations along with training for under 25.

If you feel you meet the criteria below please email us indicating which Floatsation product you’re looking at and whether is it for an individual, club or organisation. We can then provide you with a quote along with the appropriate forms and any additional support that you may you need.

You need to make the application yourself and if successful the granting body will inform and place the order directly with us. We will then send out the Floatsation aids direct to you once your funding contribution (if any) has been paid. We will invoice you for any contribution and the remaining balance will be invoiced directly to the granting body.

Please note that you do not need to be a charity to apply.

Grant Eligibility Criteria



Venues (for example Leisure Centres)

Useful information you may wish to consider when making applications for Floatsation Swim Aids

First of all, Floatsation Aids can enable everyone to have fun in the water in a safe and confident way. They allow the user/users to have fun while still enabling the user to develop water skills.

Floatsation Aid training in the water
Funding Floatsation Aid Training Session Group
Relaxing and Training at the same time

Thoughts on your funding application:

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