The Big Citrus

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£360.00 (£432.00 inc VAT )


The Big Citrus is a large rectangle, 20 balls long and 9 balls across, to give maximum support for one or two people.

The most positive experiences come with confidence. That’s where the Big Citrus comes in – it’s big enough for two; so even the timidest sensation seeker doesn’t have to be alone.

Sharing that floating experience can help overcome initial fears leading to quick enjoyment and growing confidence in the water.

The Big Citrus is the essential starting point. Imagine the joy of the person you are working with as they experience the wonderful sensation of floating in such a safe, properly equipped environment.

Only you AND Floatsation® can give that improved quality of life.

Size: 90cm x 150cm

Floatsation Aids are now made to ISO9001 manufacturing standards and from August 2022 the Balls used in all new Floatsation Aids are now CE marked.