The Big Citrus Pocket

£320.00 (£384.00 inc VAT )

The Big Citrus Pocket


The Big Citrus Pocket is a large rectangle, 20 balls long and 9 balls across on the outside with one big pocket of small balls in the middle that allows you to sink more into the water but still giving you the same level of support as the original Big Citrus for one or two people.

The Big Citrus Pocket is essentially the same as the Big Citrus but allows you to sink more in the water than on the water.

With the Pocket, you will sink more into the water but at the same time, it provides you with the same level of support and versatility in the same way you have with the standard Big Citrus. It is still big enough for two so even the timidest sensation seeker doesn’t have to be alone.

Sharing that floating experience can help overcome initial fears leading to quick enjoyment and growing confidence in the water.